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About us

Simplicity, uniqueness, quality

We do not just make furniture, we create a unique product in which we invest our souls. Our studio offers to create a large selection of furniture: tables, chairs, benches, wall panels, table decor, lamps, stands for touch panels, reception, parametric interior. Each product is developed according to the individual preferences and needs of our customers. Using vast experience, we translate people's ideas into reality, express their individuality in interior items and just make high-quality furniture. We love our business and this is reflected in the final product.

Our advantages


Thanks to the special technology of creation, we can make complex geometric 3D shapes. Curved, smooth lines give the effect and comfort of our furniture. This is a modern, original addition to the overall picture of the room or street space that everyone will appreciate. We also carry out orders for design projects of customers.


Our studio uses only natural materials such as wood and stone. It is safe for human health and guarantees high strength furniture and a long service life.


Parametric furniture can be installed both indoors and outdoors at any time of the year. For this, when creating a design project, its future location is taken into account. This furniture, due to its abundance of forms, is suitable both for the working atmosphere and for creating home comfort. In case of contamination, the furniture can simply be washed and used further.

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