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  • To create parametric furniture, we use first grade plywood, primarily due to its strength and environmental friendliness. Plywood is very easy to cut and use in the construction of parts, and unlike solid wood boards, plywood boards have excellent flexibility, so they can be given any arbitrary shape: curved planes, rounded edges, etc., which is the main requirement for manufacturing parametric furniture.
  • The plywood used in the production is glued from several layers of wood so that the fibers in adjacent layers are perpendicular to each other, and this allows the material to be not only strong, but uniformly strong in all directions. The elasticity and other characteristics of ordinary wood under pressure on it along different axes can vary by 10–40 times, while in plywood – by 1.5–3 times. And this is the key to the strength and durability of parametric products.
    Layers of veneer, bonded in a cross direction, give products increased strength and wear resistance, which in turn allows you to make elements of a more elegant shape.
  • We make furniture from varieties of plywood that are moisture resistant, which means that all furniture can be used in humid rooms, such as a bathroom or kitchen, as well as outdoors. In combination with additional processing, products can withstand prolonged contact with water. The solid wood on the contrary is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity – it warps easily, and the thinner the board, the more it can bend.
  • The strength of plywood is important for the joiner, for the designer, its appearance, but for the end customer, first of all, safety for health. We have heard more than once about poisonous formaldehyde, which evaporates from furniture, but at the same time plywood furniture continues to be produced. There is no contradiction here. Plywood can be both hazardous to health and harmless enough, it all depends on how much formaldehyde it contains, and accordingly, how much it releases into the environment. In the production process, we use plywood of class E0 – today this certificate makes the most stringent requirements for formaldehyde emissions.
  • Parametric furniture needs to be cleaned weekly with wet and dry rags. An ideal option would be soft fabric or suede. Sometimes it is possible to clean furniture with special tools, but they should not contain ammonia, abrasive substances or solvents.
    Hundreds of manufacturers of household chemicals offer a wide variety of furniture care products – sprays, polishes, waxes, wet wipes, etc. When buying funds, you should immediately exclude the low price range and products containing acetone and silicone substances.
    Silicone and its derivatives accelerate the aging of wood, while acetone destroys the lacquer coating. Abrasive substances should also be excluded, they are contraindicated in the care of wooden furniture. Preference should be given to products based on natural ingredients – beeswax, olive and linseed oil
  • Of course. We can create products according to any sketches you have proposed, with a free complete set, with various color finishes, design. Everything is limited only by your imagination. In case you do not know what exactly you want, we will offer our options, and you will only have to indicate what you want.
  • After agreeing on all the details, we make an accurate calculation of the project, announce the cost of the order and the production time. After that, we create a detailed 3D-visualization of the project taking into account all your wishes. If everything suits you, we conclude a contract and proceed to work.
  • Ellle provides a warranty that covers only manufacturing defects. At present, it is 2 years. Everything is fixed by the contract. The life of parametric furniture is unlimited, provided that it is properly maintained. Products retain their original appearance even after 10 years of operation.
  • Yes, we deliver our products to all countries in Europe and the CIS using a transport company.

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  • Ukraine, Kyiv, Peremogy Avenue, 67, corps "B", оffice 425
Phones Email Address
  • Ukraine, Kyiv, Peremogy Avenue, 67, corps "B", оffice 425
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