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Parametric furniture: a new trend in interior and furniture design

by matseka
Jan , 31
Parametric furniture: a new trend in interior and furniture design

Parametric furniture is a popular type of furniture. Such products require a rigid frame and an unusual streamlined shape. Parametric furniture is one of the latest trends in modern interior design. Products are characterized by convenience, functionality and unique performance.


Parametrics first attracted the attention of institutions. Parametric furniture in Ukraine can often be found in bars, cafes or restaurants. No less relevant is the parametric style for office premises. Their popularity is due to the special appearance that turns them into objects of art.

Today, you can buy parametric furniture for the home. Similar interior items fit perfectly into the design of modern apartments. Furniture has a number of distinctive features:

  • Design: products in many respects resemble the frame of a boat or the skeleton of a large animal, turned inside out. The design provides a support system that gives the furniture high strength.
  • Layering: In the production of parametric furniture, special details are used that create a layered structure.
  • Uniqueness: through the use of special materials it is possible to produce products of the most intricate forms. Representing a typesetting system, such furniture allows you to create three-dimensional effects.
  • Smoothness: for parametric products, the curvature of the lines smoothly flowing into each other is characteristic.
  • In the manufacture of custom-made furniture, designers develop individual models in accordance with the installation location and product functions.


When choosing materials, manufacturers are guided primarily by safety. In this regard, they mainly use natural materials of natural tones that can emphasize naturalness. Materials are replete with a variety of textures, thanks to which it is possible to create unique elements.

Among the most popular materials for parametric interior design are:

  • MDF;
  • natural wood;
  • plywood;
  • a rock;
  • Chipboard;

As a result, the furniture creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility.


After determining the materials, texture and shades, the production process begins. Since people order parametric furniture with individual parameters, computer programs are often used to design. Design development is possible manually using plastic, plasticine or polymer clay. Subsequent production steps include:

  • the manufacture of individual elements from sheet material on milling machines;
  • connection of elements into a single product;
  • varnishing


The popularity of parametric furniture in Kiev and throughout Ukraine is due to the obvious advantages of products:

  • the ability to create furniture of any shape;
  • a wide selection of textures and colors (mainly white, gray, black and shades of brown);
  • uniqueness and originality (each product is made according to individual design);
  • the use of natural materials (harmless to humans);
  • streamlined shapes (make furniture safe).
  • Reasonable prices for parametric furniture are also a significant advantage.
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