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Plywood furniture in the interior: a new look

by matseka
Jan , 31
Plywood furniture in the interior: a new look

One of the most common materials in the manufacture of virtually any home decoration is plywood. It is used to create furniture, zoning partitions, and even to make sinks with bathtubs. Plywood meets all environmental requirements, it is practical and visually attractive. Today I would like to tell in more detail why plywood in the interior is so very popular.

Plywood is a multilayer natural material that is produced by gluing specially treated natural wood veneer. The number of veneer layers is mainly odd (from 5 or more). A distinctive characteristic of plywood, which makes it very strong and weakly deformable, is that the layers are superimposed so that the wood fibers of one sheet are strictly perpendicular to the previous and next.

There are two basic types of plywood: FC (moisture resistant) and FSF (high moisture resistance). They are also laminated for greater durability and resistance to deformation.

Plywood has established itself as a reliable material for the manufacture of parametric furniture for the following reasons:
1. Plywood – moisture resistant natural material that is exposed to the negative effects of moisture is almost 2 times less than a board.
2. Plywood bends. This is another advantage over a stiff board. It is this quality that makes it indispensable in the manufacture of parametric furniture.
3. Construction plywood does not warp and rots 2 times slower than natural wood. Another indisputable plus of this building material. Plywood is not subject to deformation due to its moisture resistance.
4. Plywood is easy to use. No wonder this material is so popular in construction, because:
– its surface is resistant to high temperatures and sunlight, as well as heating.
– the surface of the plywood is slightly susceptible to contamination, resistant to the effects of synthetic detergents and various chemicals.
– plywood is suitable for use both in industrial and office areas, as well as in residential areas.
5. Plywood is easy to install. This building material is not only practical and easy to use, but also very easy to install.
6. Plywood is wear resistant. We have already talked about the benefits of plywood such as moisture resistance, flexibility, and slow decay. From this it is worth concluding that plywood is a very wear-resistant material.
7. Plywood requires a minimum of care, and serves for many years.

It is these factors that have recommended plywood as the best material for the production of our products, which allows us to realize the most sophisticated and unusual parametric pieces of furniture and interiors.

Style and versatility

If we talk about multifunctionality, then we can say that plywood is used in rooms of any purpose – both in the bathroom and in the living room. Everything related to the manufacture of furniture, decoration and lighting, the construction of detached partitions, designer fencing, zoning, finishing walls, floors and other structures – plywood can be used everywhere. In addition to its use in design, plywood is also used in electrical engineering, the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, and house building.
Smooth lines and shapes of the material can be combined with various design trends. Thanks to this, plywood products, whether it is furniture, decor elements or designer finishes, can easily fit into a room of any size and configuration.

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